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The Review – Falsifeye HD vs ‘They’re Real’

Hello! So, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ used to be my ultimate mascara which I always got for my birthday. Once I started wearing makeup more frequently, a tube of mascara no longer lasted me a year, and I felt unable to justify the price myself!

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for another equally good mascara at a much better price, and I have found it!

I still have a sample ‘They’re Real’ in my makeup bag, so I thought I’d do a little post to show you how they measure up!

Note – my FalsifyeeHD is running pretty low, which is something that could have affected clumpiness.

Seventeen’s Falsifye is 6.99, whereas ‘They’re Real’ is 19.50, so you’re saving over a tenner, without any difference in product in my opinion.

Bother mascaras have a similar wand, with multiple thin plastic spokes, which make it very easy to coat all lashes. Seventeen doesn’t quite have the same ball at the end of the wand, but you could also save the wand from a sample of Benefit’s if you were really that obsessed with it!

They're Real ...... FalsifyeHD
They’re Real …… FalsifeyeHD
Benefit they're real mascara dupeThey’re Real is the left, Falsifeye on the right

As you can see, there is little to no difference. If anything, I prefer the cheaper option as it makes my lashes fan out much more!

As far as wear, they just don’t budge. Seriously, both of them are a nightmare to get off, and I have given up trying to totally remove my mascara every night – I know this is bad but I don’t have endless patience!

If you aren’t bothered about that though, I’d definitely recommend trying Seventeen’s out now!

What are your favourite dupes?

Much love


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The Review – Boutique

Hi everyone!
So I came across this makeup brand in Sainsbury’s and it caught my eye. I had never heard of them, but a quick google brought up several articles about their launch from 2013! They seem to be Sainsbury’s own brand makeup, but I have never seen them in any store before today. Am I just behind the times massively or have they been super under the radar?

 Boutique makeup Sainsbury's 
Anyway, obviously I was intrigued and swatched  some of the products. The powders seemed to be of such a great consistency and they had some great bronzers which would have really suited my pale skin, so I might have to make another trip!

In terms of shade range the skin powders seemed pretty limited to pale skin – there were only 2 bronzers and neither were very deep. The lipsticks however had a beautiful range of darker nudes, so if you struggle with high street colours I’d recommend at least having a look! 

I settled on a lipstick, on promotion for 5 pounds (usually 7) and a lip liner for 2. 

 Boutique brand Sainsbury's 
These shades really seem to remind me of Mac for some reason? I always go for the pink brown so I wanted a truer brown brown for autumn, and I’m really happy with my choices! 

 boutique makeup Sainsbury's 
The packaging of the lipstick is also really nice – it has a great weight to it and feels very sturdy, which I love! 

They also wear so nicely. They are as creamy as my makeup revolution ones, but the formula itself feels thicker and more moisturising, which is good considering I paid more! 

If love to hear your thoughts if you’ve seen or tried anything from this range!

Much love


The Review – Lush’s ‘Love Lettuce’ mask

I’M BACK! Hello internet friends I missed you all. Sorry I’ve been absent, I know I was planning on doing day to day posts but I ended up relaxing a bit too much… However an outfit diary is still definitely coming your way! If you want a sneak peak on what I was wearing then you can definitely have a peak at my instagram (if you’re on a social media spree then add me on snapchat – cfwood, and twitter too!) How is everyone? Lol I feel like I’ve missed out on so much haha even though it’s only been a week!

Anyway… here is another product that I bought recently when I really shouldn’t have… but oh well!

The reason why I’ve been picking up odds and ends despite my big haul is that my skin is really really not in a good way at the moment – it doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing. Part of it is lumpy, other bits are dry and peeling, I can’t find a foundation that doesn’t cling to my dry patches etc etc… its not fun! So I’ve changed up my skincare regime and am trying to get it back to normal. Hopefully I’ll be able to do an update skincare routine for you if it manages to sort itself out!

Lush Love Lettuce face mask

But anyway, the mask. I went into Lush to look for bathbombs, but on a whim took a look at the mask table. I had a bad experience with Lush masks a while ago, which is why I’ve avoided them for ages. There was one of their super helpful sales associates there though, so I explained what was going on with my skin.

She apparently had the same skin issues as me and this was the mask she picked out! It has lavender and honey, which both act as oil regulators, so they can help my skin balance itself. It also had almond shells in it (I think that’s what she said), which act as the all important exfoliators. Dry skin people, you know the exfoliating struggle! I was a little hesitant because I know some skins react badly with lavender, and mine is very sensitive, but I’m very glad I picked it up!

Lush Love Lettuce mask

So, to the actual product. You keep it in the fridge, like all Lush masks, and it lasts 3 weeks, so its recommended to use this twice a week. The pot seems small, but there is a lot of product! I’ve used it more than 6 times I think though and still have one use left, so you do get a fair amount of product! You leave it for 5-10 mins, and then wash if off, whilst exfoliating.

This is honestly such a good mask. It is pretty pricey – 6.50, (considering my Quick Fix masks are only a fiver each and you get 10 uses in those) – but I still would re-buy this a million times over! After use, my skin pigmentation looks more even, my face feels unbelievably soft, and my dry patches are really reduced, as well as my skin in general looking and feeling less congested.

If you have combination skin, or skin that’s a bit off at the moment then I would highly recommend using this to try and bring it to heel!

What other Lush masks have you tried?

Much love


The Review – Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely lip balm


Bit of a random one today. I found this as I was going through my old makeup at home home, and found I had 2. So I grabbed one to bring to uni with my over the summer, on a whim. I’ve had these lipbalms in my collection for over a year but never really properly used them.

As all my dry friends out there will know, lipbalm = life essential. I do not have lovely moisturised lips all the time, especially if I’ve been wearing lipstick. Most lipbalms also have a really drying effect on me, so the search to find a good one is ongoing.


I have no idea how much these lipbalms are, as I got them for a present. Knowing Neal’s Yard Organics they are probably on the expensive side, so I’m very glad that these were a gift!

This lipbalm is AMAZING. Honestly, possibly one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s texture is really similar to Vaseline, so its fairly thin and a tad greasy, which I think is the original reason why this wasn’t one of my go-to’s before. However, the result has convinced me to keep going. My lips are soft, and feel almost more plumped up than ever.

filterloop 2

The pot is very small, so I’m a bit nervous that I will lose this! It’s thicker than the Vaseline tubs however, so you do get a LOT of product. I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever finish this, which is definitely a bonus in my book.

On tops of all that…it’s bee themed! And you guys all know how my I love ma bee stuff. A portion of the profits also goes towards ‘Save the Bees’, which is a great foundation that is so so important! Honestly, bees are more important than you’d think!

So there we go, have any of you tried this? What other Neal’s Yard products do you like?

Much love


The Review – Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey guys! I’m all moved in now yay! I’m thinking of doing a room tour, what do you think? I know I don’t really do lifestyle posts but I enjoy reading them so much! Anyway, here is my review on this shampoo and conditioner!

I haven’t really talked about hair before because I am pretty naff at it, and normally I just tie it up anyway. My hair is fine, but thick, but coarser on the underneath, as well as pretty curly and frizzy. Does that make sense?


I bought these because I wanted something super nourishing that wasn’t too expensive – I got these at Wilko’s for a few quid each I think, but I know they’re more expensive in Boots etc.

This shampoo and conditioner are the first I’ve had that actually make my hair feel soft, not ratty and gross, which always amazes me. They’re super moisturising, so if you wash your hair every day/have very thin hair then I would not recommend them as they will make your hair greasier quicker, but for all the thick haired girls and guys, try this out!

Much love


The Review – ‘Boardroom’ by Topshop

What’s this you say? A review on a new product despite your epic haul to end all hauls only a few weeks ago?!

Aha. Well….maybe. But I can explain!

So on my shopping haul I really wanted a ‘griege’ lip, but couldn’t find one anywhere. Seriously, I searched everywhere online and there was nothing. THEN, I saw Mac were bringing out a ‘Stone’ lipstick, so I was like…perfect! I saved some money back so I could purchase it when it came out. I got up at like 730 to make sure I was the first at the store and they told me that it wasn’t being brought out yet until September.

So I obviously was devastated, and still wanting a kind of grey/brown lip.

And then….

I went into Topshop and saw this colour a few days ago and I was like thank the lord. It’s a little darker than what I would want, but it will have to do until I can get my hands on Stone, or even better, Colourpop’s ‘Tootsie’. Sidenote: WHEN will they have shipping to the UK?!

Anyway, I picked this up and apparently Mac’s Stone is coming out this Thursday….oops.

But oh well. This lipstick is awesome and I’m really glad I grabbed it. Honestly, there are not enough grey toned shades on the highstreet.

Topshop Lipsticks are always super creamy. Even this one, which claims to be matte, is crazy creamy. Because of this it does require work when putting on. I used a liner underneath – Essence’s lipliner in 05 ‘Soft Berry’, but I would also want to see it with like a concealer-ed out lip too. Because its so creamy it also is kind of sheer, so it took my a while to build up to a colour that I was happy with and also wasn’t patchy.

The patchiness is probably the main thing I’d complain about with this – its not major, but it does mean it takes longer to apply. I even used a lip brush, which I literally never ever do.

Anyway, once it’s on it does look GREAT. it wears off, but evenly. I ate supper with this on, and a toasted bagel AND a muffin (I was really hungry okay), and it did wear off slightly, but not in a really gross way. It also feels really moisturising throughout, which is amazing.


So there we go, a bit of a naughty impulse purchase…

What do you guys think? Anyone know of a paler greige shade I can get my hands on in the UK?!

Much love,


The Review – Seventeen CC Cream


Hello again!

Okay this was meant to be up Tuesday morning whilst I moved in…but things got a lot busier than I thought and it has taken me 2 whole days just to unpack! So sorry for the delay, but now I am in my new place and it’s amazing! Yaaay!

Anyway, I’ve mentioned a review of this is coming several times before, and a few people have said they are really looking forward to see what I think! The main reason why I have taken so long is because I couldn’t for the life of me, make my mind up. Part of my still isn’t totally sure about this product, I have a feeling I could either grow to love it or hate it!

But anyway, to the actual review! If you’ve read probably any of my beauty related posts you’ll know how in love I am with the brand Seventeen, and it kind of kills me that I can’t write a glowing review for this, because I do love so many of their products.

When I first tried this on, I loved it. It does make your skin look like skin, but kind of airbrushed or blurred, as if it just looks more glow-y. It claims to have a ‘matt radiance’ finish which I really like, and for a CC cream the coverage is fantastic.

Me in the same space both wearing the CC cream (with a little undereye concealer), and not wearing any makeup at all.


However, then I really stopped liking it. After you wear it for a bit, it does patch up and seemed to slide off my skin, which is a problem I have with pretty much every face product I have used, ever. Foundation recommendations for people with dry/weird/bumpy skin would be greatly appreciated! When I looked in the mirror kind of close up, it also seemed to settle in my fine lines and exaggerate them, as well as the bumps I have on my forehead.

In addition to all this, it has fine glitter particles in it, presumably the ‘radiance’ part of the matt radiance. When I noticed this I was really disappointed – I hate glitter in foundation a hell of a lot, which was one of the main problems I had with Rimmel’s ‘Stay Matte’. Actually, this CC Cream reminds me a LOT of this foundation, even down to the coverage. I also loved that the first time, then rapidly grew to hate it because of the glitter and patchiness. The glitter I feel goes a long way to the exaggeration of my skin’s faults. It by no means is visible to other people, but you know when you look in the bathroom mirror and examine your skin and then you’re just like…oh dammit.

Another thing which is not good is the colour range. It seems a bit weird calling it a ‘range’, because there are literally only 2 shades, ‘light’, and ‘medium’. I honestly do not understand why highstreet foundations are so limited, as someone with very pale skin I find it near impossible to get good matches, so for those with darker skin it must be a nightmare. Also, their ‘light’ shade is much too dark for my natural skin, I can use it only when I have a bit of a glow. In addition to all of this it’s got pretty strong pink undertones. I have naturally quite pink skin, so I hate using pink toned foundations as I feel it just brings out my redness.

However I love this brand, so I was tempted to try it out a few different ways and give it a proper chance.

The best way that I have found by a MILE, which actually makes it look good and not patchy, is to apply it without moisturiser, straight after cleansing. I use a cream cleanser which is why this may work for me, if you use a pretty stringent cleanser then I would recommend trying it with and without to see what works for you.

But yeah, no moisturiser makes this CC cream look much better, (which is what I did for the above picture), and last way better too.

I know this has been pretty lengthy but this product really confused me! At the moment I am enjoying using it, I love that I have a cream that I can pop on with my fingers if I’m running late. Having said that, I could decide that the sparkles are too much and give up on it.

So… to sum up, do I like this CC cream? Yes, but only without moisturiser. Will I continue to use it? Yes, definitely, though not on an every day basis. BUT – will I repurchase? Probably not. Although the coverage and price are both fantastic, I think I’d shop around a bit next time to try and find something less glittery!

Hope this has been informative for some, let me know if you’ve tried this too!

Much love


The Haul – treatyoself! Makeup Revolution pt 2


Ahoy there! Time for part 2 of my crazy Makeup Revolution haul, and probably the favourite things I picked up – palettes!

I have wanted one of the blush palettes for ages, so I grabbed this one in ‘Golden Sugar’. As I already have a blush that I love (Sleek’s Rose Gold), I wanted some more bronze-y ones that I could use for summer.


Can we all just take a second to appreciate the beauty of this palette?

I almost don’t have words. The marbling of all the shimmer colours makes me feel things I honestly didn’t know makeup could make you feel.

Out of all the shades, the only one that doesn’t swatch so well is the dusky mauve shade. Unfortunately they don’t have names, but it’s the third one along on the top row!

First 4
First 4

Second 4
Second 4
For the rest of them, oh my goodness. The bronzer shades especially feel so velvety it’s almost as if they are a cream. They’re all, with the exception of the aforementioned one, really pigmented. I cannot wait to use the first one on the second row – it’s difficult to see in the swatch because this baby just melts into my skin, leaving the most subtle shimmer ever. Although the white one is stunning it’s a bit harsh as a highlight, so I’ll probably use this as an eyeshadow instead!

Next is the Affirmation Palette.


I already have the matte palette, which I still love, but this one is just a whole other level of amazing. I think they’ve changed the formula for these, because they’re a lot softer than the mattes, which I thought were already creamy! Seriously, some of these shimmers are so pigmented they could be foils.


Some of the shadows seem to have a teensy bit of fallout, more the matte shades than the shimmers, and the palette does not stay closed at all, so I’m a bit nervous about travelling with it!

1st Row
1st Row

2nd Row
2nd Row

3rd Row  (oh hey there toe)
3rd Row
(oh hey there toe)

4th Row
4th Row
However these shadows are amazing. Honestly, if you’re going to get anything I would recommend this. I really wish my photography skills were better so you could see how beautiful these swatches are in real life because I was so excited! Seriously, I was just making weird noises because I couldn’t articulate words.

I really don’t have much to say about it because I’m a bit speechless. They’re stunning. If you can, buy them. I can’t wait to wear them. Cool.

What do you all think?

Much Love xoxo

The Haul – treatyoself! Makeup Revolution pt. 1


Hello again!

So, in my previous post I talked about my massive summer shop. Because it’s a bit large, (whoops) and I want to give proper attention to everything I got, I’ve divided it up into makeup I got on the day, makeup I ordered, and then a lookbook, which will be up after these! This is part 1 of the Makeup Revolution order, which will be about the lip products I got, and then part 2 will be on the 2 palettes I picked up! This way I can also give you all some mini reviews and first impressions without creating a 10 minute long post…

I ordered this a week ago, which to me seems such a long time to wait – I have been so so excited, staring out the window for the postman every day. It finally arrived about an hour or so ago and I have been jumping round like a loony trying everything on ahh! So here’s what I got:

First up I picked up the Amazing Lipliner in the shade ‘The One’. This is creamy and very neutral, I’m not sure if it may be a tad too yellow toned for me, but under the liquid lipstick I got I reckon it will be fab.

Then there’s the Lip Lava in the shade ‘Forgiven’. I have seen soooo many people compare these to the Too Faced liquid lipsticks. I don’t have one so I can’t say if they’re a dupe or not, but from what I’ve seen of the comparative swatches, they look pretty close colour wise!


The packaging does look very similar to the Too Faced, and I love the applicator – it’s like a mini sponge and helps the lipstick glide on so nicely, as well as making sure there isn’t too much product!

Seriously though, why did I not pick up more? There are only 5 shades I think and I wish I’d bought the pale pink one too at the very least. I LOVE THESE. They are so moisturising, so pretty, and this shade is the perfect nude. It’s not too pale for me – I have really pigmented lips so I tend to stay away from pale nudes. Ugh I’m so in love. If I weren’t currently on a spending ban I’d pick them all up ASAP.


The only downside so far (I haven’t worn any of these lip products for a long period of time so I’m not sure how they wear), is that if I’m not careful in applying it I do get that line on the inside of my lip, so if you’re going to wear this out it definitely is one I’d recommend taking in your bag for touch-ups! However for me the creaminess and colour far outweigh any negative-ness that this brings!


Next is the Liphug in ‘Let’s Raise the Bar’. I’ve already talked about how much I love these here, and the formula seems to be the same, so again I’m very happy with it! This one is a brighter orange-y pink, so perfect for summer. Because it’s a bit brighter than the pink/nude colours I have, I can’t swipe it on without a mirror, but I still love love love it. The only downside I’d say is that to cap does come off pretty easily – I would recommend popping this in a makeup bag instead of the bottom of your bag, so it doesn’t pick up on all the dirt and weird stuff that seems to accumulate in handbags…

Let's raise the bar It's got a much stronger orange undertone in real life that the camera isn't picking up!
Let’s raise the bar
It’s got a much stronger orange undertone in real life that the camera isn’t picking up!

Finally is the iconic Pro Lipstick in ‘Somewhere Out There’. The packaging is kind of a Mac dupe, but much larger and of course slightly less well made. They do however have the lip colour on the bottom, so if you picked up a whole lot of them (I wish I could do this), then you’d still easily be able to tell which one was which.


This one is another orange shade, but the Iconic Pro’s are a new formula. Oh my god I love these, another one that I should have picked up more colours in! To say that they are creamy would be an understatement, these just glide on so well you barely feel them. Again, because of the bright colour care has to be taken – I’m glad I picked up an orange lipliner to go under this – but the end result is beyond worth the little bit of effort. I would highly recommend this, for 2.50 it works like a much more expensive product.

Somewhere Out There
Somewhere Out There

So that’s part 1 out the way, stay tuned for part 2 which will be up tomorrow!

top to bottom: Let's raise the bar Somewhere out there Forgiven The One
top to bottom:
Let’s raise the bar
Somewhere out there
The One

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution lip products?

Much Love


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