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The How To – Increase your winter wardrobe for free!

Clickbait title aside, this is such an easy and effective way to increase the size and variety in your winter wardrobe.

Remember all those pretty short sleeved tops you bought for summer, and then didn’t really end up wearing because it never got that warm? Well, you can use them now! Just pop them over a long sleeved jumper or polo neck and there you go!

Stripy top - Primark Polo neck - Gap Skirt - New Look
Stripy top – Primark
Polo neck – Gap
Skirt – New Look

I love this look because it’s such an easy way to mix up an outfit. You can coordinate colour schemes or you can mix it up for an even bolder statement! It’s so effective that my mum was on the brink of telling my off for shopping too much and buying more clothes!


What do you guys think?


Much love



The How To – The simple bronze eye you need!

Hi Guys!

So I was in a rush and wanted something nice but neutral to just to pop on my eyes, and I came out with this! It’s super easy, requires only 2 products, and can be achieved in seconds. It would be perfect for a day to night look too – I can’t wait to pair it with a dark lipstick in the autumn evenings!

Shadow - Seventeen shadow in 'Walnut' Cream - Maybelline 'On and On Bronze'
Shadow – Seventeen shadow in ‘Walnut’
Cream – Maybelline ‘On and On Bronze’

You don’t even need a brush – liberally coat your finger in the cream and apply it close to the lashline, smudging it up over a bit of the lid. The on the outer 3rd of half, apply the powder. I then picked up a brush and blended it up and out, applying a little more of the powder in the crease, but you can just push it out with your fingers if you’re in the bathroom at work or something!

IMG_3534 IMG_3535

And there we go! it does look more intense in real life, but is absolutely perfect I think for those in a rush times. To make it more evening-y you could also pop on a bit of brown liner and smudge it up, and a slick of black for something more defined.

Is this something you’d try? Let me know!

Much Love


The How To – Save money on makeup at uni!


For most of us, university is a time for budgeting and trying to save as much money as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to stop your makeup obsession! As a lover of beauty and fashion, I have found some good ways to not break the bank (all the time…)

  1. Shop cheaper. If you only buy high-end, I would highly recommend checking out the cheaper options out there! The highstreet, or ‘drugstore’ is constantly upping its game, and there are tonnes of dupes out there. As a starting point I would highly recommend Seventeen and Makeup Revolution.
  2. Do your research – this applies to both high end and cheaper products! Read reviews, watch reviews and swatches on YouTube, make sure you know what you’re buying! I don’t have money to waste, so I try and make sure that a product I want has lots of positive feedback before I take the plunge.
  3. Use your friends! If you have a friend who’s skin always looks great, ask what he/she uses and if you can borrow a small amount of it as a tester, before going and buying the full sized product yourself.
  4. Similarly, if you’re ordering online, see if anyone wants to buy some stuff too to save on shipping! This also works for online food shops too…
  5. Save up. It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, as long as it really is once in a while! Its better to buy one product you love that’s a bit more expensive than a bunch of rubbish cheaper ones.
  6. Use your Birthday and Christmas. I ask for products that I would consider essential, like skincare, but which cost a bit more than I personally would be willing to spend, and then get them as presents. It’s not as exciting as a surprise, but it does mean you don’t have to spend the money yourself!
  7. Use all of your product. I used to chuck out stuff when the pump stopped working or I couldn’t squeeze any more out. Don’t do this! You can cut open most product and see that there is a tonne of product left over. Grab some cheap holiday bottles to dispense the rest in and voilà – several more uses!

Hope these have inspired some of you, I’ve used them at uni but they’re pretty applicable for life in general really!

Much love


The How To – brown/nude lips for under a fiver!

Hello again!

Since the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip, brown/pink toned nudes are still very much the in thing. However, you don’t need to run to Mac to be able to recreate it! This is one of my all timed favourite lip looks, and because I’m cheap as hell, here are 2 highstreet alternatives, both of which are less than 5 pounds!


  1. Primark lipliner in ’01’ and Makeup Revolution in ‘Treat’

I am a huge Makeup Revolution fan, and this lipstick is one of my favourite every day shades. It’s incredibly creamy and feels very moisturising throughout the day, although it does wear off. This Primark lipliner is really amazing, also incredibly creamy too. This look also comes in at only 2 pounds!


2. Both of these Products are from Essence, the famous lip pencil in ‘Satin Mauve’, and their XXXL nude lipgloss in ‘Soft Almond’.

This lip pencil is slightly duskier than the Primark one, but still really creamy and long lasting. As a dry skinned person, some days I really can’t get away with a lipstick so this is perfect for them. This look comes in at 4 pounds, so slightly more expensive, but still an absolute bargain!

What do you guys think? Are you tempted to pick up any of these?

Much love


The How To – Survive Clearing


For the English readers of this blog, you’ll be aware (probably!) that A-Level results are coming out soon. For those of other nationalities this won’t make much sense, so apologies in advance!

I’m sure many of you will have heard, and perhaps gone through clearing yourself. Clearing is what happens when you miss the grade requirements for your first and second choice university.

I feel like there is a massive stigma around clearing, and certainly one that I felt before I had to go through it myself, so I wanted to write this post in case anyone was stressing about their results and panicking about not getting in to their top choices!

Firstly, going through clearing does NOT equate to failure. Clearing is there for a reason – because we all make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can happen at really rubbish times. I know that your A-Levels are one of the biggest parts of any English teenagers life, and so the idea of messing that up is of course terrifying.

Things can go wrong for a multitude of reasons, especially if you’re taking humanities subjects, which I did. You can misinterpret the question, run out of time, the stress could get to you and you could just blank, you could have learnt the material in the wrong way to answer the exam questions, and on, and on, and on. For exams which seem to be so essential, there are many ways of messing them up which can have no bearing on how hard you worked, or on how clever you are. Also, you really could just have not worked enough. It’s easy to do, especially as revising for GCSE’s and revising for A-Levels are 2 totally different things. It’s also not shameful to admit to this, and use it to spur you on to work harder the next time!

What I’m trying to say is, if you feel like things aren’t going to go your way, don’t feel ashamed, or like you can’t talk to anyone. If you think clearing could be a possibility, then there are ways to make it slightly easier.

Firstly – do your research. Speak to your 6th form advisor or look up on the internet what clearing entails. The year that I got my results, there were several newspaper articles about increased clearing spaces, with some information about universities that were offering spaces. The Telegraph’s guide to clearing is really good, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out here:

Secondly – think about if you want this. If you were just going to uni because it’s the ‘done’ thing, maybe this is a good sign it’s not for you. Alternatively, it could prove to you how much you want to go. It all depends on you, and whatever you’re feeling talk to your parents about it. Try not to let to panic of ‘I’m going to fail so I’m going to pretend I didn’t care about it anyway’ put you off making an informed decision. You could also stay and retake, and take a gap year. Personally, I knew I wanted to go to university whatever the outcome, and I got very lucky – Newcastle was one of my 5 choices anyway, so I knew that I liked the uni, although I’m aware that this is very rare! If you do want to retake, take a gap year, or go straight into work, try and get a reasonable idea of what it would be like now. For a lot of people who take gap years it’s fun whilst travelling but not so much when you have to earn the money first. Similarly, most post-sixth form training courses have been filled by now, so get a realistic picture of what your year would entail before making a snap decision!

And lastly – make a plan of action for the day. Get up early, pick up your results and if they aren’t what you needed then get on the phone! A lot of the places are first come first served, so head in to your school and quickly discuss with your staff and parents a plan, then go for it!

I know it is so devastating when you don’t achieve what you had hoped. I feel like more and more academic pressure is being put on our generation because everything seems to be more competitive, especially if you are in a high pressure environment, whether that’s your friends, parents, or school. Everyone has to ‘fail’ at some point in order to succeed, and it’s corny as hell but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. If things don’t go to plan try and hold onto that!

For myself, dealing with these perceived ideas of ‘failure’ wasn’t easy. I had never messed anything up before so I genuinely had no way of dealing with things when they went wrong. The repercussions of this ended with an eating disorder which nearly ruined my first year of university. I am fully recovered now, but if you feel like what has happened to you is manifesting itself in a damaging way, speak to someone. Tell someone you trust and love, and if you really feel lonely, or would just prefer to talk to someone you don’t know personally, leave me a comment or email me, I’ll be more than happy to talk to any of you! I know it can help to chat to someone who has been through what you’re going through.

I know this is a bit of a departure from my usual style but hopefully this is a comfort to at least one person!

Best of luck with all the results, and as always, much love


The How To – Minimalist Makeup

Hey guys!

So I was on my way to Tesco to pick up some ingredients to make homemade Chipotle style bowls, (would this be something anyone would want a recipe on? Let me know!), and I just felt like putting on some makeup. As I’d been slap free all day, I just kinda felt like making a bit of an effort!

I was so happy with the result that I decided to show you all how I got it!


First, I quickly smeared on some of my Seventeen makeup CC cream. A more detailed review of this is on its way, because I can’t quite make up my mind yet on this product…

I then evened out my skin tone a little more with my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer, brushed through my eyebrows with a spooly, and dabbed on the smallest amount of ‘accept’, from Makeup revolution’s Affirmation palette. Guys, this is the best damn palette I’ve ever had.


I used the tiniest bit of mascara, concentrating on my roots and the outer edges of my lashes because I wanted a really subtle look.

For the cheeks, I applied this mauve/pink blush from the Golden Sugar palette. I was so surprised with how this turned out – when I swatched it, it looked the least pigmented out of all 8, but when I used it on my cheeks it was AMAZING! I then applied the smallest amount of the lighter bronzer on my cheekbones.


I outlined my lips using ‘The One’ lipliner, again from makeup revolution, and went over with MUA’s lipstick in ‘Bare’. Previously I would never had worn a nude this pale, but with the liner underneath I love the combination and will definitely be reaching for it more!

For hair I just slicked it into a high bun because it was pretty dirty, and that was it! It took me about 5 minutes and I was so happy with the result – perfect for a summer evening!

shout out to my boyfriend in the back haha!

What do you guys think?

Much Love



The How To – Strobing

‘Strobing’ is the new makeup trend that is basically contouring but without the harsh bronzer. The idea is to create depth in the face just through reflecting light. I am a highlight obsessive, so this kind of trend is right up my alley! My pinterest beauty board is covered in dewy, glowy, gorgeous skin, and my favourite Instagram account of all time is @aniamilczarczyk, aka highlight queen. Seriously, check out her work – it’s AMAZING!

Anyway, to the tutorial!

Many picture ‘diagrams’ have got into the habit of telling you to highlight your entire forehead and chin area. Do NOT do this. Unless you have the mattest skin in the world, you will look super shiny and not in a healthy way! Instead, pick out the areas that light naturally falls on, like so:

excuse my skin... but the highlight is going to go where the red stars are!
excuse my skin… but the highlight is going to go where the red stars are!

For this look I am going to layer 3 products. Obviously I would not do this every day, but the layering gives a really nice effect and is great if you’re going to be going out for the evening, as it also helps it last!

First, I’m using this illuminating primer by Seventeen. If you have read a few of my posts you will know that I love this brand, and if you haven’t tried any of their products, go! This primer is really great for things like this, plus you get so so much in the packet that it will last forever. I am popping it along the areas I want to highlight, and then blending it into my skin. If you were using a matte foundation, you could just mix a tiny bit of this with it and blend all over, but I will be using a more satin-finish one anyway, so that’s not really necessary.


After the primer is in place, I am stippling my foundation over and blending it as usual. The one I am using is the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in ‘Ivory’, which is just a lightweight and glowing foundation for summer. (Can you tell I’m obsessed with the ‘glow’…).


Apply concealer to the areas you usually would and then powder to set. Don’t dust powder over your whole face – the goal is to look slightly shiny so powder just takes that away! Instead, I like to go in with a buffing brush, the same one I use to blend in my concealer, and gently pat powder over the top, to ensure it goes exactly where I want it to go!


Then the next product – a cream one. I’m using this No. 7 product, which is a really great consistency. Lightly pop this over your highlighted areas and then blend again – I’m using that same buffing brush.


Finally the powder product. This highlight is really beautiful and I have written a review on it here. If one area is looking too bright for you – I didn’t use this on the tip of my nose as it was already bright enough – then feel free to skip over it! Layer it to the areas you have chosen and there you go – a beautiful highlighted face!


IMG_2221 IMG_2207 IMG_2206

Of course this is a lengthy process and not one I’d undertake every day! Feel free to use one or two products instead of three etc, but the layering in my opinion really helps to create a beautiful sheen that is more natural than just one highlighter, which can sometimes just look glittery!

I hope this has helped,

Much Love


P.S. I’m currently staying at a friend’s living out of a suitcase because I haven’t moved into my new place yet, so apologise for poor photo quality and backgrounds!

The How To – Get Ready For A Night Out!

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m a pretty terrible student. I very rarely go out because I am NOT good on lack of sleep – I really cannot concentrate well if I’m tired, and doing well academically is of huge importance to me. Also, I swear I get the worst hangovers!

However, I’ve had a few 21st’s this semester already and some more to come too, so I thought I’d tell you guys how I do it!

21st birthdays are always a much bigger deal than your standard night out, so a tad more planning goes into them than just throwing on a pair of shorts and heading out the door, which is what I would do for just a standard night!

I begin the week with a mask (which you can read a review on here I find this helps give your skin a little extra boost, which you’re going to need!IMG_0727

The night before an event I will then use my sleeping pack to make sure my skin is properly hydrated, and also slather on lots of hand cream on my hands and neck just to really feel pampered.

Vanpir Dark Repair Cream by Ladykin
Vanpir Dark Repair Cream by Ladykin

If I have to do my hair then I’ll leave about 2 hours in the evening just to be sure and so I don’t feel rushed! I will shower, shave, moisturise (my favourite is the Dove pro-age as it makes my knees less red, which is one of those weird things I’m self-conscious about). In the shower I will also cleanse using my foaming cleanser to clean off whatever makeup I’ve had that day. Before this party my skin was also looking a tiny bit patchy, so I exfoliated afterwards using my Tony Moly Appletox Massage pack.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream by Tony Moly
Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream by Tony Moly

Read a review of my skincare products here ! Depending on what I’m wearing, I might also pop on some instant fake tan. I love instant as if it goes wrong you always have time to run in the shower again and rinse it off!

Once my body is all ready to go, I’ll moisturise my face before my makeup, and then dry my hair so it has a chance to sink in. I’m pretty terrible at hair so I’ll usually just blow dry it half dry then leave it with a bit of a curl in, or straighten it completely.

Then the fun part – makeup! As its spring I’m going for a soft pale eye with a nude lip to go with the more ‘dressy’ dress, and for the other more casual house party I wanted a more dramatic look so went for fluttery lashes and red lipstick!



If I’ve fake tanned then I’ll deviate from my beloved Seventeen foundation and use the Loreal Eau de Teint. I do also really like this foundation, but it’s a teensy bit dark for my usual pale self (even though I have the palest shade of this too…vampire skin for life!). It’s a bit lighter in coverage than the Seventeen so I may use some of that as a concealer underneath my eyes if I have to, and also bronze my cheeks. I love a fresh and dewy look for skin so I will always use highlighter and a shimmery blush too to make sure that I’m glowing.

For something like a 21st I will have decided what I’m going to wear in advance, so getting dressed is really just a case of slipping it on!

Top – BooHoo Jeans – H&M Shoes – Primark Earrings – Accessorize
Dress – PrettyLittleThing Shoes – BooHoo

And there we go – ready for a night out! Until my feet hurt and I am craving cheesy chips that is…

What are your getting ready rituals?

Much Love xoxo

The How To – Nude Nails

Another quickie for ya…

After seeing a snap of nude matte nails on Pinterest I fell in love pretty hard. I’m not normally a fan of crazy nail art, mainly because I don’t have the patience or skill for it, but these looked awesome, as well as basic enough for me!


I started with the ‘toughen up’ basecoat by Save the Nail, followed by 2 coats of the nude polish from Primark. I seriously LOVE this nude, I hadn’t seen one that is this colour and in my budget before but it is the perfect colour for pale skin! Then I finished it off with a coat of my Matte topcoat by Rimmel (which is now getting a bit gloopy but it did the job!).

Et voila!

Accessorised with some amazing rings I grabbed from H&M - I am loving quartz and marble jewellery at the moment!
Accessorised with some amazing rings I grabbed from H&M – I am loving quartz and marble jewellery at the moment!

What do you guys think?

Much Love xoxo

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