Charlotte F Wood

Bio: Hiya! I am a 22 year old history graduate from Newcastle University. I'm now working in Covent Garden for a PR firm. I'm still obsessed with history, as well as beauty, fashion and now gardening. Now I'm no longer a student I don't have a strict high-street only policiy, so there will be a few higher end bits in there somewhere. But I still am obsessed with my trust Greggs tote bag and ancient espadrilles too! I love reading detailed reviews on products to make sure that when I do spend my money I’m spending it wisely, and I hope this blog will help you to do the same. If you have any questions about anything on my blog, or just life in general then feel free to contact me! You can find me on: Instagram: cfwood Twitter: @CF_Wood Pinterest: @charlottefwood Snapchat: cfwood

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