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Battle of the lip balms

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Return of the blog?

It has been a hot minute since I uploaded this blog. Like seriously, freakin ages.

But I’m back! I think.

I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to upload all the time, but I do want a more creative outlet now I’m working full time.

So here’s to potentially more frequent uploads.

They also won’t be strictly fashion and beauty related either. I have a boatload of exciting things I want to talk about (mainly gardening – I really like gardening now); and everyone in my real life is sick of hearing me talk about them..

So see you soon and lots and lots of love. Please tweet me or Instagram me to say hi again because I have missed everyone!


The How To – Increase your winter wardrobe for free!

Clickbait title aside, this is such an easy and effective way to increase the size and variety in your winter wardrobe.

Remember all those pretty short sleeved tops you bought for summer, and then didn’t really end up wearing because it never got that warm? Well, you can use them now! Just pop them over a long sleeved jumper or polo neck and there you go!

Stripy top - Primark Polo neck - Gap Skirt - New Look
Stripy top – Primark
Polo neck – Gap
Skirt – New Look

I love this look because it’s such an easy way to mix up an outfit. You can coordinate colour schemes or you can mix it up for an even bolder statement! It’s so effective that my mum was on the brink of telling my off for shopping too much and buying more clothes!


What do you guys think?


Much love


The Review – Falsifeye HD vs ‘They’re Real’

Hello! So, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ used to be my ultimate mascara which I always got for my birthday. Once I started wearing makeup more frequently, a tube of mascara no longer lasted me a year, and I felt unable to justify the price myself!

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for another equally good mascara at a much better price, and I have found it!

I still have a sample ‘They’re Real’ in my makeup bag, so I thought I’d do a little post to show you how they measure up!

Note – my FalsifyeeHD is running pretty low, which is something that could have affected clumpiness.

Seventeen’s Falsifye is 6.99, whereas ‘They’re Real’ is 19.50, so you’re saving over a tenner, without any difference in product in my opinion.

Bother mascaras have a similar wand, with multiple thin plastic spokes, which make it very easy to coat all lashes. Seventeen doesn’t quite have the same ball at the end of the wand, but you could also save the wand from a sample of Benefit’s if you were really that obsessed with it!

They're Real ...... FalsifyeHD
They’re Real …… FalsifeyeHD
Benefit they're real mascara dupeThey’re Real is the left, Falsifeye on the right

As you can see, there is little to no difference. If anything, I prefer the cheaper option as it makes my lashes fan out much more!

As far as wear, they just don’t budge. Seriously, both of them are a nightmare to get off, and I have given up trying to totally remove my mascara every night – I know this is bad but I don’t have endless patience!

If you aren’t bothered about that though, I’d definitely recommend trying Seventeen’s out now!

What are your favourite dupes?

Much love


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The Look – It’s raining and I don’t know what to wear

I am awful at dressing for the rain. Considering I live in England I should have had all the practice I need by now, but nope. Whenever I see it raining outside I just want to go back to bed. Not because I hate the rain – on the contrary, curling up with a good book or podcast whilst you can hear it tipping it down outside is one of my favourite things. I just don’t like going out in it.

Sometimes you have to though, and on those days, this is the kind of thing I wear:

Whole outfit - Primark. I'm serious.
Whole outfit – Primark.
I’m serious.

Trench coat – much chic-er than a raincoat.

Umbrella – um, duh?


Heels – Bit of an odd one I know, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand its wet feet so I like to keep them elevated. That means chunky flats like my loafers, heeled boots, or in this case heeled sandals, because it was actually pretty warm on this day.


Layers – Rain doesn’t necessarily mean cold, but wet does. Make sure you’ve got lots to keep you snug when you do get inside and begin to dry off.


So there you go! What are your rainy day must haves?

Much love


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100 followers GIVEAWAY

Repost from Dharini 🙂

Whoop I’ve now reached 100 followers! I know everyone says this but I never expected to have so many readers and I’m super happy to have reached this milestone! As a huge thank you and to celebrate with my followers I am hosting a giveaway. Who doesn’t love a giveaway!! I mentioned the Urban Decay […]

The Review – Boutique

Hi everyone!
So I came across this makeup brand in Sainsbury’s and it caught my eye. I had never heard of them, but a quick google brought up several articles about their launch from 2013! They seem to be Sainsbury’s own brand makeup, but I have never seen them in any store before today. Am I just behind the times massively or have they been super under the radar?

 Boutique makeup Sainsbury's 
Anyway, obviously I was intrigued and swatched  some of the products. The powders seemed to be of such a great consistency and they had some great bronzers which would have really suited my pale skin, so I might have to make another trip!

In terms of shade range the skin powders seemed pretty limited to pale skin – there were only 2 bronzers and neither were very deep. The lipsticks however had a beautiful range of darker nudes, so if you struggle with high street colours I’d recommend at least having a look! 

I settled on a lipstick, on promotion for 5 pounds (usually 7) and a lip liner for 2. 

 Boutique brand Sainsbury's 
These shades really seem to remind me of Mac for some reason? I always go for the pink brown so I wanted a truer brown brown for autumn, and I’m really happy with my choices! 

 boutique makeup Sainsbury's 
The packaging of the lipstick is also really nice – it has a great weight to it and feels very sturdy, which I love! 

They also wear so nicely. They are as creamy as my makeup revolution ones, but the formula itself feels thicker and more moisturising, which is good considering I paid more! 

If love to hear your thoughts if you’ve seen or tried anything from this range!

Much love


MAC Give Away – 150 followers – Thank you!

Such a good giveaway and a lovely blog 🙂 xoxo

The How To – The simple bronze eye you need!

Hi Guys!

So I was in a rush and wanted something nice but neutral to just to pop on my eyes, and I came out with this! It’s super easy, requires only 2 products, and can be achieved in seconds. It would be perfect for a day to night look too – I can’t wait to pair it with a dark lipstick in the autumn evenings!

Shadow - Seventeen shadow in 'Walnut' Cream - Maybelline 'On and On Bronze'
Shadow – Seventeen shadow in ‘Walnut’
Cream – Maybelline ‘On and On Bronze’

You don’t even need a brush – liberally coat your finger in the cream and apply it close to the lashline, smudging it up over a bit of the lid. The on the outer 3rd of half, apply the powder. I then picked up a brush and blended it up and out, applying a little more of the powder in the crease, but you can just push it out with your fingers if you’re in the bathroom at work or something!

IMG_3534 IMG_3535

And there we go! it does look more intense in real life, but is absolutely perfect I think for those in a rush times. To make it more evening-y you could also pop on a bit of brown liner and smudge it up, and a slick of black for something more defined.

Is this something you’d try? Let me know!

Much Love


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